Daten Autobahn

Traffic counting

The PeCo LC 3.0 PRO is a high resolution digital LiDAR sensor.

Developed for use in self-driving vehicles, our 3D LiDAR sensor is characterized by its superior image quality. By displaying all collected measurement data in 3D point clouds, not only objects can be counted independent of direction, but also classified (e.g. pedestrians, cyclists, motorized road users).

As a weather-independent technology, our laser scanners can be used for various projects in which objects are to be detected at small to long distances. It is also possible to determine the speeds of the respective objects.


As an alternative to laser measurement technology, we collect data for traffic counting and classification using our PeCo RC solution. The data is collected via radar-based traffic counting.



Your advantages

The PeCo LC 3.0 PRO can be used for the detection of vehicles and other road users in all traffic areas in and out of town as well as in parking lots or parking garage entrances.

In addition to traffic counting, the PeCo RC offers solutions for intersection management, traffic safety and speed control.


Reporting with LASE PeCo

As a reporting tool, we offer our customers  a web-based platform. Please contact us for free access to our demo portal!