PeCo SmartParking Indoor / Outdoor

Our PeCo PARKPILOT IN is the perfect solution for the interior of multi-storey car parks, for example. The sensor is simply mounted on the ceiling and transports the data quickly and reliably to a cloud via a gateway. The sensors are powered by an integrated battery and are attached to the floor or ceiling of the respective parking space. Sophisticated algorithms evaluate the data for each parking space, including from neighboring sensors, in order to accurately and reliably record the occupancy status.

The PeCo PARKPILOT OUT is the ideal solution for the outdoor area of parking lots. The sensor is attached to the floor and transmits the data directly to the cloud via a gateway. Can snow be cleared in winter despite the ground sensors? Of course.

Your benefits

The sensors are produced in Germany, are maintenance-free for several years and no complex infrastructure needs to be installed to digitize your parking area. Should a sensor fail, we will ensure that it is replaced as quickly as possible. Thanks to the modular design, the actual sensor unit can be quickly and easily removed from the socket that is glued to the floor and replaced.

Reporting with LASE PeCo

As a reporting tool, we offer our customers either a web-based platform or a local software solution. Please contact us for free access to our demo portal!