The possibilities of comprehensive security applications for property protection are now more diverse and complex than ever. From walls, fences and intelligent detection technologies to the latest monitoring systems, you have a number of options to protect and secure your indoor and / or outdoor area.

We combine the robustness and precision of the laser scanner technology with the image processing of the camera technology. This enables us to secure open spaces and buildings against unauthorized entry and exit. The laser scanners automatically and continuously scan the selected monitoring area. If the laser beams hit objects in this area, their position is recorded with centimeter accuracy. Thanks to our specially developed software intelligence, the notification of the precisely determined position of the object is passed on to the dome camera (also: GMA, VMS etc.), so that targeted AUTOMATED control by the camera – with also automated tracking of the Object – takes place. Our solutions offer you, on the one hand, reliable, weather-resistant surveillance even in the dark and, on the other hand, the possibility of reducing costs by saving personnel and camera work.

Our laser measurement systems are suitable for both indoor and (thanks to specially developed housing) for outdoor use. Due to the use of special algorithms (weather measurement filters), this technology is very robust against various weather conditions. With our software, several protective field violations can also be detected at the same time, so that a high level of detection reliability is guaranteed.


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The connection between laser-assisted detection and a zoom-controlled tracking of a video system is the optimal solution for your open space or outdoor area surveillance.

This animation gives you an insight into our laser tracking system.

Versatile monitoring systems for highly sensitive areas

Our systems are versatile. We not only count highly sensitive areas such as nuclear systems, correctional facilities, airports and forensic clinics among our customers. Banks (protection on roofs or in courtyards), embassy buildings and data centers also count on LASE PeCo monitoring systems. Logistics companies (buildings / open spaces / outdoor areas), nuclear power plants, private properties, museums and stadiums (indoor) also rely on our laser scanner-based building and outdoor area protection. Our system can of course be retrofitted even if the building or open space is already secured with laser scanners. Furthermore, existing dome cameras (also: GMA, VMS etc.) can be implemented and used.

Secure your building and your open space or your open-air site against unauthorized entry or exit with laser-based security systems from LASE PeCo. The use of highly precise and modern laser technology is one of the most reliable methods in all different areas of application and tasks. In close cooperation with our customers, we create individual protection concepts that ultimately have one goal: security in all areas!

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