Peoplecounting Outdoor

Head detection for wide and heavily frequented passageways, also outdoors – shopping centers, pedestrian zones, events, trade fairs, stadiums, airports, etc.
The PeCo LC LASERSCANNER registers the movement of people in all conceivable entry, exit and passage areas of real estate and pedestrian zones. Using special laser detectors, the direction of movement of all people in the detection area is registered and the number of people entering and leaving is determined from this.
The PeCo LC 3.0 PRO is also able to calculate the turn-in rate and determine zone occupancy and dwell times of people. The PeCo LC 3.0 PRO also classifies all road users into their traffic classes.
The counting information is output via digital switching outputs. An Ethernet connection is also possible, which means that information can be transmitted quickly even over greater distances within buildings. Furthermore, the pulse output can be transmitted directly to the server via router / LTE.

The advantages of the PeCo LC at a glance

The laser scanners PeCo LC and PeCo LC high can be used to record the flow of people and customer frequencies in sales and personnel management as well as outdoors to collect pedestrian frequencies in all areas of retail, business and public space.

As the first laser scanner technology, the PeCo LC 3.0 PRO is also suitable for use in collecting turn-in rates and tracking information about customer routes.

The PeCo LC 3.0 PRO can also be used in Smart City projects.

Peoplecounting in small areas

The PeCo LC MINI laser scanner registers the movement of people in smaller entrance, exit and passage areas as for example arcades without restricting the movement of the people to be recorded by channeling. 

The counting information is output via digital switching outputs. The high resolution of the detection field (11,250 laser points per second) enables a reliable measurement that distinguishes between adults, children and groups of people.

In order to be able to carry out commissioning via remote access and remote maintenance, we also supply the PeCo LC MINI as an additional variant with an integrated camera function. The LC MINI can be parameterized easily via app and only requires internet access in order to send the received data accordingly. (3G modem included)

Sensor-based counting in tourist facilities

The PeCo SmartCounting is aimed at tourist sites such as parks and trails to count hikers and cyclists. The needs of clubs and organizers of one-time events without ticketing are also optimally covered.

If people pass the sensor, the sensor concentrates infrared heat radiation. The digital evaluation of the signal allows the number of people/bikes to be counted and the passage direction to be determined.

The PeCo SmartCounting can be used regardless of the weather and is therefore resistant to external environmental influences. The safety under data protection law rounds off its profile.


Reporting with LASE PeCo

As a reporting tool, we offer our customers either a web-based platform or a local software solution.

We also offer access to the frequencies via app and monitor display.

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