Frequenz und Füllstand

Peoplecounting Indoor

Thanks to the 3D technology, a reliable result is achieved even in difficult counting situations. The PeCo SC / PeCo SCX registers the movements of people in most entry, exit and transit areas of real estate without restricting the movement of the persons to be recorded by channeling. The direction of movement of all people in the detection area is evaluated and the number of people entering and leaving is determined from this. The detection of object heights (3D technology) eliminates counting errors due to reflection and mirroring on the floor, which significantly improves the counting accuracy. In addition This makes it possible to differentiate between the groups children and adults.

These counting results are transmitted as individual measurement results. Due to the possibility of storing several separate measuring lines in the counting area, several counting results can also be shown using just one stereo camera (e.g. 1st measuring line for frequency entrance shop, 2nd measuring line for frequency ascent of stairs, 3rd measuring line for frequency in front of shop entrance (transverse runner)). A setting can also be made so that the level within an area is monitored with the PeCo SC / PeCo SCX. The prerequisite for both applications is that a stereo camera can cover the areas to be measured due to its installation height and detection widths.

The advantages of the PeCo SC / PeCo SCX at a glance

The stereo cameras PeCo SC and PeCo SCX can be used to record pedestrian flows and customer frequencies in sales and personnel management in all service areas in trade and industry.

Reporting with LASE PeCo

As a reporting tool, we offer our customers either a web-based platform or a local software solution.

We also offer access to the frequencies via app and monitor display.

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