Cash register control in retail

The LASE PeCo Cloud offers powerful analytics features that allow the cash register utilization (number of customers waiting at the same time) and length of stay in all granularities and dimensions to be evaluated and exported directly.

The following key figures are required for real-time queue prediction:

  • number of visitors to the second granularity
  • utilization at any point in time (determined via input and output counting)
  • length of stay and number of people waiting at each checkout.

The queues at the cash registers are checked in real time. At the same time, predictions from the AI ​​engine are available in real time. As soon as the number of people to be expected is higher than the maximum number of people who can process the currently open checkouts, an in-store communication system is informed of this.

To determine the necessary key figures, sensors are installed in the branches:

  • Each cash register with one or two 3D sensors (depending on the ceiling height)
  • 3D sensors for input and output counting.

Your benefit

With Predictions, LASE PeCo uses machine learning algorithms to predict queues, workloads and frequencies.

The machine learning engine is based on high-precision, fine-grained tracking data.

LASE PeCo Machine Learning provides predictions in real time and triggers third-party systems as soon as certain events occur (“event-based subscriptions”).

Reporting with LASE PeCo

As a reporting tool, we offer our customers either a web-based platform or a local software solution. Please contact us for free access to our demo portal!